Jay Campbell has been hunting with the longbow since 1961. He has been a professional musician, photographer, police officer, paramedic, physician's assistant and firefighter, is a practicing attorney, and has directed organ procurement and transplant organizations throughout the U.S. since 1989.  A cancer survivior, he graduated Duke University (Magna Cum Laude) and the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Law School (With Honors).

Karen Campbell had never hunted or held a bow when she and Jay married, but this book, in part, recounts her two year journey to become the first woman known to take a water buffalo with a longbow, using her 70 pound bow from the ground on Australia's Melville Island.

Karen and Jay have seven children and two dogs between them, and live on Tampa Bay. A flats boat is tied behind their house and a fifty-foot, three deck, thirty year old trawler is docked nearby, both ready to make way on the tides of opportunity or disaster.

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